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Our office features innovative diagnostic technology that makes it possible for us to provide unsurpassed patient care. Whether you are in need of an annual physical or urgent emergency services, the team at Covington One Medical strives to deliver the utmost professional and personalized service options. Our custom treatment plans are always individualized around your areas of concern.

Happy mid adult nurse with clipboard looking at patient

Acute and Chronic Illnesses

Acute health conditions occur suddenly, whereas chronic conditions produce symptoms that are ongoing. Occasionally, chronic illnesses produce acute conditions. Osteoporosis, which is a chronic condition,

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Skin Prick Allergy Testing for Possible Allergens

Allergy Elimination

Many people live with allergies to foods and substances that trigger immune reactions within the body. An allergen can induce a reaction through various forms

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female doctor is bandaging upper limb

Wound Care

Wounds require special care and attention to ensure a complication-free healing process. If you are wounded – perhaps due to an accident or medical procedure

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Doctor's tri-ball incentive spirometry in hospital


A spirometry test is a test used to screen respiratory health. Doctors often use the test to diagnose and monitor conditions like asthma and chronic

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woman turning off an alarm clock

Sleep Disorders

Nearly everyone has had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at one point or another. It is normal for things like anxiety to interrupt sleeping

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fruits and vegetables

Medical Weight Loss

Many North Americans struggle with weight loss, whether the scale just won’t budge or fluctuates up and down like a yo-yo. Diet and exercise are

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group of doctors looking at x-ray on tablet pc

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are one of the most common types of diagnostic tests used in modern medicine. During an x-ray, electromagnetic waves are aimed at a specific

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Happy black female courier driving delivery van and looking at camera

DOT Physicals

DOT physicals (Department of Transportation physicals) are required by the Department of Transportation for all commercially licensed drivers. The physicals are mandated for CDL drivers

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The doctor is diagnosing the patient's back pain.

Adult Physicals

An annual physical is important for health maintenance and disease prevention. Adults who get annual physicals are more likely to discover potential health complications before

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Pediatrician examining little girl

Children Physicals

Children’s physicals function to monitor developmental progress, identify potential health complications and provide medical interventions and counseling that help prevent disease and injuries in the future.

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Female High School Basketball Player

School Physicals

Back-to-school is a busy time of year filled with books, class schedules, school supplies, and shopping for new clothes. It is also the time of

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girl and doctor with stethoscope listening to heartbeat

Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are preventative screenings routinely used to verify a patient’s physical health and ability to safely participate in athletic activity. Most schools and many

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Young man rubbing neck in pain

Motor Vehicle Accidents

With an auto accident happening every few seconds, there are countless people who suffer collision-related injuries every year. Any part of your body can be

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mature man holding tennis racket while suffering from knee pain

Sports Injuries

Athletes are at high risk for developing injuries – especially those pertaining to the muscles and connective tissues. Sprains are diagnosed in patients who have

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Female Patient And Doctor Have Consultation In Hospital Room

Emergency Care

Nearly everyone has experienced an urgent care emergency at some point in their lives. When you come down with the flu or your child starts

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physiotherapy doing physical exercises

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a valuable tool to doctors and orthopedists who are helping their patients rehabilitate injuries or recover from major surgery. It is a

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doctor injecting cortisone in slipped disc

Cortisone Injections

Cortisone injections are non-surgical means of treating pain and inflammation in the joints and soft tissues. Although doctors can administer cortisone shots to many different areas

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Close up Neurologist doctor makes an injection therapy

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are in-office treatments for pain management in patients with muscle areas that do not relax. Trigger points are uncomfortable knots that form

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Elderly woman seated on couch touches knee

Limb Weakness

Weakness of the arms or legs is an indicator of a problem with the nervous system. The problem could be a case of functional weakness,

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