Acute and Chronic Illnesses

Happy mid adult nurse with clipboard looking at patient

Acute health conditions occur suddenly, whereas chronic conditions produce symptoms that are ongoing. Occasionally, chronic illnesses produce acute conditions. Osteoporosis, which is a chronic condition, may cause a patient to break a bone, which requires acute care. Acute conditions can also occur independently of chronic illnesses. Examples include injuries, headaches, sudden chest pains, first-time asthma […]

Allergy Elimination

Skin Prick Allergy Testing for Possible Allergens

Many people live with allergies to foods and substances that trigger immune reactions within the body. An allergen can induce a reaction through various forms of contact, including breathing, touch, eating and injection. Immune responses can range from mild to severe, potentially affecting any of the body’s organ systems, including the respiratory system, the skin, […]

Minor Burns or Skin Irritations

female hand with second degree burns

The skin is the body’s largest organ and is made of many layers. It is sensitive to both internal and external irritants and may become inflamed, infected, or injured when exposed to certain substances or extreme heat. Millions of Americans develop rashes, skin infections, and burns every year – many prompting visits to urgent care […]

Wound Care

female doctor is bandaging upper limb

Wounds require special care and attention to ensure a complication-free healing process. If you are wounded – perhaps due to an accident or medical procedure – you need the care of medical professionals trained and experienced in wound treatment and management. A wound care provider will clean your wound and change its dressings, and oversee […]

Laceration or Cut Repair

old woman arm wounded waiting for nurse treatment

Millions of people visit urgent care centers every year for treatment and repair of cuts and lacerations. Doctors have several ways of repairing a wound, depending on the type and extent of a laceration, its location on the body, and the ability of the patient to protect the cut during the healing process. Often, stitches […]


Doctor's tri-ball incentive spirometry in hospital

A spirometry test is a test used to screen respiratory health. Doctors often use the test to diagnose and monitor conditions like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The results of spirometry testing reveal how much air patients can forcefully exhale from their lungs after each deep breath, as well as how much air […]

Sleep Disorders

woman turning off an alarm clock

Nearly everyone has had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at one point or another. It is normal for things like anxiety to interrupt sleeping patterns though they usually return to normal once the stress is diffused. But some people suffer from sleep disorders that either prevent them from getting a normal, restful night’s sleep or […]

Medical Weight Loss

fruits and vegetables

Many North Americans struggle with weight loss, whether the scale just won’t budge or fluctuates up and down like a yo-yo. Diet and exercise are an excellent start to a healthy weight, but sometimes stubborn pounds need an extra boost to keep them from hanging on. Our office offers medically supervised weight loss in that […]

Digital X-Rays

group of doctors looking at x-ray on tablet pc

X-rays are one of the most common types of diagnostic tests used in modern medicine. During an x-ray, electromagnetic waves are aimed at a specific area of the body, taking pictures of the bones and any calcifications within the body’s soft tissues and organs. Patients often visit an urgent care center for x-rays following an […]

DOT Physicals

Happy black female courier driving delivery van and looking at camera

DOT physicals (Department of Transportation physicals) are required by the Department of Transportation for all commercially licensed drivers. The physicals are mandated for CDL drivers to ensure that they are physically capable of safely operating a commercial vehicle. Did you know… the results of a DOT physical will either qualify or disqualify drivers from acquiring […]